Top 10 Food Favorites for your Super Bowl Party

Missed out on your Super Bowl tickets? We did too. So what’s the second best thing to being there? Throwing your own kick ass Super Bowl party.


But, wondering what to serve your party guests this Super Bowl Sunday? Pretzels? Candy? Vegetable tray? You serve that crap and you might just get your ass kicked, by your friends – in your own home. Serve your friends and family quick and easy foods that will make you the MVP of this game. Follow our guide and we guarantee your guests will love it. If they don’t, we blame you for being a horrible host.

So let’s eat like our New Year’s Resolution never happened. It’s the Big Game #SB51, have fun!


1 Game Day Sliders

Yeah, sliders. Quick, easy, tasty and just a sample of what your guests will love.










Game Day Sliders Recipe


2. Crispy Loaded Hasselback Potato Bites

This, This is awesome, you CANNOT go wrong with this little bite of Auh-mazing.


Crispy Loaded Hasselback Potato Bite Recipe 



3. Antipasto Salad Kabobs

This snack treat says, “Yeah, I like Italian food, whacha gonna do about it.”


















Antipasto Salad Kabob Recipe


4. Hummus with Crudite

So simple, so nutritious, Kick out any guest that passes this wonderful dip up. They’re not worthy of your friendship anyway.


Hummus with Crudite

Hummus with Crudite Recipe


5. Peanut Butter Football Cookies

You cannot go wrong with peanut butter cookies with chocolate frosting, even kids with peanut allergies will say, “screw it, I’ll deal with the consequences tomorrow.”
















Peanut Butter Football Cookie Recipe



6. Salami & Cream Cheese Roll Ups

Even a lazy host, like yourself, can whip this super easy treat up fast.


Salami & Cream Cheese Roll Ups



7. Mini BLTs

The No Fail easy to make bite-sized mini BLTs.












Mini BLTs


8. The Ultimate Guacamole

Next to hummus, guacamole is our favorite, and this guacamole recipe is our ultimate favorite.
















Ultimate Guacamole Recipe



9. Low-Carb Pepperoni Pizza Cups

The great thing about this is, you can add whatever you want. You will not go wrong!

Pepperoni Pizza Cups Recipe


10. Cast Iron Skillet Brownies

Nothing, and we mean nothing will ever come out of a cast iron skillet tasting better.













Cast Iron Skillet Brownies Recipe


BONUS Napkin Penalty Flags

Just for being adorable. So awesome you guests will rather use their sleeves to wipe themselves. 

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