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The Peanuts Cook Book – ICING

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The Peanuts Cook Book – ICING


I was 1 years old when The Peanuts Cook Book was published, 10 years later, I tried out the first of many recipes from this book. So as a man who learned early how easy it is to bake as a kid, let’s take a look at my first recipe I followed by the book – ICING.


ICING recipe


1 Cup Confectioners sugar

1 ½ tablespoons of very soft butter

1 tablespoon of vanilla or orange flavoring (actually any flavor you want)

Dash of salt

1 unfrosted cake


Blend sugar, a little at a time, with the butter. Add a dash of salt. When the sugar and butter are thoroughly mixed, blend the vanilla or orange flavoring. Add a few drops of milk if icing seems very dry. It should not be runny, but smooth and soft enough to spread. Pour on to top of cake and spread lightly over the cake with a knife of  spatula.


Pretty simple, right? Totally is. In fact, if you want add a little color to this, you can. Add your desired amount of food coloring (one drop for light color, multiple drops for darker /richer color).

And when you want to make frosting, it’s practically the same recipe, but less runny. Use the BakerMaker frosting tips for cool decorations.


FUN FACT: My brother and I went to an elementary school that had this cook book in its library. We would check it out every two weeks for months at a time just so we could read the comics and try out the recipes. We checked out this book so many times that the librarian asked us to stop for a while so other kids could have a chance at checking it out.

True story.



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