Oven Temperature Conversion Chart – Free Download

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We’re here to help you become a better baker with this free, downloadable Oven Temperature Conversion Chart.

In the United States, we use Fahrenheit to determine oven temperatures; the rest of the world uses Celsius. So how do you enjoy delicious baking recipes from around the world with two drastically different measurements of temperature? You use this kickass, easy to use and downloadable oven temperature conversion chart.

It’s easy to convert, find your desired temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and use the “other” temperature you need to correctly convert your recipe oven temperature. Simple!

In the coming weeks we will be adding a few more baking conversion charts to help you become a better baker.


oven-temp-chart Oven Temperature Conversion Chart - Free Download

Download chart here.


Fahrenheit Celsius
  225 degrees F   110 degrees C
  250 degrees F   130 degrees C
  275 degrees F   140 degrees C
  300 degrees F   150 degrees C
  325 degrees F   165 degrees C
  350 degrees F   177 degrees C
  375 degrees F   190 degrees C
  400 degrees F   200 degrees C
  425 degrees F   220 degrees C
  450 degrees F   230 degrees C
  475 degrees F   245 degrees C
  500 degrees F   260 degrees C


This oven conversion temperature chart is accurate for converting baking recipes from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. Temperatures will vary between different oven types, brands, and sizes. For best results also consider your altitude, outdoor temperature, and humidity.


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