How to Make A McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

How to Make A McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

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As a kid, I drank more than my share of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. As an adult, I realized it’s time to learn how to make my own.


It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten at a McDonald’s, going on 10 years to be exact, and I still miss it – sometimes. But what I really miss is the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. So I figured, it was time for me to reminisce about the good o’ days of eating at McDonald’s and sipping  my favorite seasonal milkshake drink. So let’s learn how to make a shamrock shake at home.

Here is your unofficial shamrock shakes recipe.




Now that you have your cool, refreshing, minty McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, how about enjoying a few nostalgic vintage McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes commercials.


P.S. I loved Mint Shamrock shakes without the cherries and whipped cream, and I’ll continue to drink them that way, because I’m a purest, and I don’t need the extra calories.


McDonald’s – Mint Shamrock Shakes and Sundaes TV Commercial, 1980



McDonald’s – Shamrock Shake! TV Commercial, 1983



McDonald’s Shamrock Shake – Triple Thick



shamrock shake mcdonalds  – Vintage Commercial – Uncle O’ Grimacey



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