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Today, silicone happens to be one of the hottest trends in cooking tools and bakeware. Silicone is not the same thing as silicon; Silicone is human-made substance derived majorly from SILICON and some other chemicals while silicon itself is a … Continued

Top 10 U.S. Valentine’s Day Songs

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Express your love to your partner with our Top 10 U.S. Valentine’s Day Songs   So what are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day? A romantic candlelight dinner? Party with your friends? Going on a romantic short trip with your … Continued

How to find a Valentine for Valentine’s Day

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Are you still single and afraid of spending another Valentine’s day alone? Don’t worry we’ll let you find a Valentine for your Valentine’s day. First of all, don’t underestimate yourself even if you’re in your 20s and had no girlfriend … Continued

Top 10 Food Favorites for your Super Bowl Party

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Missed out on your Super Bowl tickets? We did too. So what’s the second best thing to being there? Throwing your own kick ass Super Bowl party.   But, wondering what to serve your party guests this Super Bowl Sunday? Pretzels? … Continued

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