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Oven Temperature Conversion Chart – Free Download

We’re here to help you become a better baker with this free, downloadable Oven Temperature Conversion Chart. In the United States, we use Fahrenheit to determine oven temperatures; the rest of the world uses Celsius. So how do you enjoy delicious baking recipes from around the world with two drastically different measurements of temperature? You […]


Today, silicone happens to be one of the hottest trends in cooking tools and bakeware. Silicone is not the same thing as silicon; Silicone is human-made substance derived majorly from SILICON and some other chemicals while silicon itself is a chemical element. Silicone is rubber-like-plastic tools used in kitchens. Here are few major reasons why […]

How to Make A McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

As a kid, I drank more than my share of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. As an adult, I realized it’s time to learn how to make my own.   It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten at a McDonald’s, going on 10 years to be exact, and I still miss it – sometimes. But what I really […]

Top 10 U.S. Valentine’s Day Songs

Express your love to your partner with our Top 10 U.S. Valentine’s Day Songs   So what are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day? A romantic candlelight dinner? Party with your friends? Going on a romantic short trip with your loved one? Greeting your partner with flowers and roses at your own peaceful place? Hiring […]

How to find a Valentine for Valentine’s Day

Are you still single and afraid of spending another Valentine’s day alone? Don’t worry we’ll let you find a Valentine for your Valentine’s day. First of all, don’t underestimate yourself even if you’re in your 20s and had no girlfriend in the past. Stop feeling like a loser and energize yourself as here are some […]